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Madison Roberts thinks her life is back to normal. Well, something close to normal, anyway.

The ghost haunting her Brooklyn apartment has moved on, flames haven’t spontaneously erupted from her hands in months, and her vampire stalker is keeping his distance. She’s even dating a cute guy with an irresistible accent. So what if she still can’t remember anything about herself before her mysterious appearance on a Manhattan street corner a year ago? With only one cryptic clue to her real name, she’s decided to bury her anonymous past with all things supernatural.

That is, until her psychic friend Zoe needs help with a baffling case involving a terrified young widow. Next thing she knows, Madison’s swept into a whirlwind of faeries, monsters, and magic, running for her life through a mystical black market with some very strict anti-shoplifting rules.

For Madison Roberts, paranormal is the new normal.


Madison Roberts is just a regular girl trying to make it in New York City. 

At least she thinks she is. 

Since appearing on a Manhattan street corner with no identification and no memory of who she is, Madison has done her best to make a new life for herself. That’s no easy task, especially when she comes to suspect that her Brooklyn apartment is haunted.

As the paranormal occurrences escalate, Madison’s investigation leads her to an isolated mansion where she is inexplicably drawn into the story of Michael Adderly, an insidiously seductive singer who disappeared decades ago under mysterious circumstances. 

Confronted with supernatural revelations and powerful emotions she doesn’t fully understand, Madison encounters a shocking link to her own past—one that both terrifies and enthralls her. As extraordinary desires ignite within her, Madison finds herself caught between curiosity and dread, between an undeniable attraction and everything she thinks she knows about herself.

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